About Pine Valley Market

If you can imagine it, we can help you make it a reality!

The Pine Valley Market, a Wilmington landmark, began when Lauren "Lolo" Shannon expanded the butcher shop to include a grill, catering services, wines and gourmet items. The market is built on Shannon's foundation and is a reflection of the culinary and etrepruneral blend of owners Christi Ferretti and Kathy Webb.

Christi, a Florida native, spent many years in the catering business and as a personal chef in Orlando. Christi has been at home in the kitchen since she could walk. She credits her love for food and helpfulness to her Italian heritage. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, with a degree in Education, Christi enjoys sharing her knowledge of food and wine with customers and friends.

Kathy's background in fine wines and the former owner of a café in St. Petersburg, Florida, brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience with her commitment to quality. A native of Goldsboro and a UNCW Alum, Kathy has come home to Wilmington.

Kathy and Christi both share the same commitment to having the best quality products and the best customer service. Affectionately known as the "The Girls," they have guided the evolution the 3,000 square foot space on South College Road to meet the needs of the ever changing economy. Today, Pine Valley Market offers a casual sitdown cafe and features gourmet products that are locally and regionally made. Come by the market a time or two and Christi says you'll feel like family!

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