2018 Christmas Offering


This year we are exclusively offering CAB PRIME – it’s the best of both worlds. The unparalleled quality of Certified Angus Beef Brand specifications coupled with the USDA Prime Specifications make CAB Prime the top 1.5% of beef in the country. Raised on small family farms across the USA, Certified Angus Beef Prime will not only satisfy your tastebuds but will give you the satisfaction of supporting America’s small farmers. Learn More

Save yourself valuable time with your family and out of the grocery store with these convenience and tasty side items. 

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Standing Rib Roasts

Whole rib roasts are 7 ribs and will feed approximately 14-16 people. Roasts can be cut to order to accommodate your needs.
We recommend 2 people per rib and each rib is a minimum of 2.5 pounds.   Whole ribs begin around 20 pounds.
CAB PRIME # People # Ribs / $16.49/lb
based on availability
CERTIFIED ANGUS # Ribs / $15.99/lb
Ask us about easy carve - a free service for your convenience

Certified Angus Beef Brisket

Average weight 17 pounds. $3.99 per pound

Whole Tenderloin

Average whole tenderloin weight is 6.5 lbs. This will feed approximately 10 people We recommend approximately 1/2lb per person. This tenderloin comes in the bag, untrimmed. We will happily trim and tie for you at no additional charge. The trimmed weight will vary. We will provide all of the usable trimmings in your packaging
CAB PRIME # People # of Loins / $23.99/lb in the bag
based on availability while supplies last
CAB # People # of Loins / $20.99/lb (in the bag)

*Ready to Roast $12.00
We will gladly season your roast with our house blend and put it in a disposable roasting pan with miripoix vegetables and beef base. This will make a fabulous au jus as well as easy clean up!!


Center cut of tenderloin - average weight 2 1/2lbs
Feeds 4-5 guests

CAB PRIME $37.99/lb

Beef Wellington

Center cut tenderloin seared, topped with house made mushroom duxel and duck mousse pate then wrapped in puff pastry ready for your oven. Feeds 8-10 people

CAB PRIME $200.00/each

Crown Roast of Pork

Beautiful roast tied in a circle with frenched bones exposed and sticking up like a crown. This roast is also very nice stuffed in the center.
18 rib feeds 12-15 Average Weight 10-12 lbs

Local Cheshire Farms Heritage Pork Crown Roast $9.49/lb
Tomahawks Steaks   # of Steaks / $20.49 per pound
Crown Roast of Pork # Roasts / $6.49/lb
Boneless Pork Loin lbs/ $5.99/lb

Ready to Roast $12.00

We will gladly season your roast with our house blend and put it in a disposable roasting pan with miripoix vegetables and beef base. This will make a fabulous au jus as well as easy clean up!!


Skin on middle cut pork roast with pork belly. Perfect for stuffing. Average weight 12# Local Cheshire Farms Heritage Porchetta $5.99 per pound


Great for roasting or frying. Average weight 5lbs. Serves 4-6 guests
Jergiewitz grade All Naural Grde A Whole Duck $6.49
Duck Breast

Whole Dressed Goose

The Christmas Goose - average weight 8-10#
Whole Goose $8.99/lb

Lamb - Assorted Cuts Available

Rack of Lamb
Boneless Lamb Leg/Domestic
Semi Boneless Lamb Leg/Australian
Bone In Lamb Leg/Domestic
Boneless leg australian $8.99  approximately 3 lbs each, boned rolled and tied.

Fois Gras

  2oz pre sliced portions Grade A - $15.99 per pack
NUSKEE Brand 1/2 SPIRAL honey glaze HAM  8  lb average $7.49 per pound
Heritage Farms 1/2 Spiral uncured ham 9 pound average $7.49 per pound



Our Famous Twice Baked Potatoes
Traditional with cheese and chives $3.95 each
Bacon Horseradish $4.25 each
Herb Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes

Made with roasted garlic, and fresh herbs. We recommend and 1/2lb per person $6.99/lb

Roasted Root Vegetables
A blend of winter root vegetables, lightly seasoned and roasted. Recommend 1/4 lb per person $7.99/lb lbs

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Creamy potatoes, whipped with roasted garlic.  Great with a rib roast!! Serves 4-6 $10.00/quart

Holiday Green Beans

Sauteed green beans with shallots and red peppers, recommend 1/4lb per person $8.99/lb

Brussel Sprouts with bacon

Fresh Brussels sprouts, slowly caramelized in rendered pork belly until sweet and delicious. Recommend 1/4lb per person $9.99/lb

Shrimp Cocktail

Jumbo shrimp, poached in lemon and white wine. Includes cocktail sauce and remulade. Recommend 3 shrimp per person $20.00 per dozen.

Creamy mac n’ cheese

small $10 medium $16 large $32


small $12 medium $18 large $28

Corn Souflee

small $10 medium $20 large $35

Horseradish Sauce  

Pint $5 Quart   $10

Add Shallot Jus  

Pint $5 Quart   $10


Savory Cheesecake - choose from mango cheddar or fig and blue cheese $25.00 each each
Shrimp Cocktail 21/25 count shrimp, old bay, lemons, cocktail and remoulade sauces $21.99 per pound dozen
Cheddar Garlic Biscuits - take and bake $3.99 per dozen dozen
PVM Ham Biscuits $14.00 per dozen dozen
Fred’s Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin Rolls $6.00 each
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