We are in the kitchen all day so that you don't have to be! The way we see it, our job is to make your life easier. For some, that may mean a turn key catering where you can actually be a guest at your own party. For others, sometimes all you need is a little help. No matter your culinary needs, we are happy to help you entertain with ease.

If a little help is all you need, you will want to visit our freezer section where you will find a variety of quick and easy appetizers for a spur of the moment get together.  You might even keep some stored in your freezer for that unexpected guest.  Choose from itmes that are simply "thaw and serve" as well as bite sized appetizers you simply warm in oven.  Our selections vary by season and we are constantly adding new selections. Below are just a few of our customers favorites and are always available in our freezer section.
Savory Mango Cheddar Cheesecake - not a dessert at all! This savory cheese spread has become our signature trademark. While the name cheesecake may throw you off a bit, this not at all sweet spread for crackers is unique in it's presentation as well as it's flavor. Thaw and serve...this is A MUST TRY. $16.00/serves 25
Fig and Blue Cheesecake - sibling to our signature and rich with fall flavors and the special bite of blue cheese. $16.00/serves 25
Do it your self Crab Cakes - slice and bake.  Special lump crab meat lightly mixed with just enough spices, mayo and breadcrumbs to hold it together. Just slice and bake. $20.00 serves 10-12
Do It yourself Southwest Salmon Cakes - slice and bake.  Fresh salmon blended with red bell pepper, cilantro, green onion and cumin. serves 10-12
Asian Chicken Spring Rolls - all natural chicken, cabbage, carrots, cilantro and spices in a spring roll wrapper, lightly fried till golden brown. All you do is warm in your oven and serve. serves 10-12  $16.00
Chicken or Beef Cheesesteak Springrolls- all natural chicken or Certified Angus Beef ribeye, hand sliced, seared on the flattop with onions, peppers, and mushrooms then rolled into a spring roll wrapper with american cheese, fried till light golden brown.  All you do is reheat in your oven.-serves 10-12
Brie en Croute - an 8oz brie round topped with chutney and wrapped in flaky puff pastry.  Just place in your oven and bake till golden brown.