Are you fully licensed, insured, and are you an approved caterer in New Hanover County?

Can I provide my own alcohol?
How should I handle gratuity?
What happenes to the leftovers after my party?
How many servers will we need?
Does Pine Valley Market provide plates, forks etc?
We carry a million dollar liability insurance policy.  We are an approved caterer in New Hanover County which means we have a fully inspected kitchen and are licensed to serve food off site.  Our health score is 99.5 out of 100 and we are inspected four times per year. We encourage you to view the history of ours and other prospective caterers that you might be interested in working with.  It is important that your caterer be licensed and approved through the county.  Here is a link to the New Hanover County Department of Environmental Health.
Bar Services
Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage services are available and can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. Our standard bar services include coolers, ice, all utensils, appropriate garnishes, tea and water and begin at $1.00 pp. All alcohol is provided based on consumption - so you pay for what you drink. With wines beginning at $6.99 (and they are good) and beer by the bottle, you can't go wrong. Commit to a set amount and discounts may apply.
If a liquor bar is desired, we will gladly handle all of your mixers and garnishes. An ABC permit may be required by the customer ($50.00) if renting a venue. This means you can purchase your own liquor and pay no additional fees to PVM. We are fully licensed and insured to serve beer, wine and liquor. Alcoholic beverage service will be suspended 30 minutes prior to event end and we have the right to refuse service to anyone under the age of 21 or for any reason. Please be sure your guests have appropriate identification. 
Gratuity is NOT automatically added to your invoice. We encourage you to tip as you feel appropriate and while very appreciated, it is not expected. Please note that if you are inclined to add a gratuity to your bill, there are two things to consider. 1. Tips for catering is different that restaurants so factor 8%-10% on food and beverage. 2. Often times the staff that prepares your food is larger and/or different than the attendants who work your event. If you desire to offer a gratuity the night of, please give it to the lead server and they will disperse appropriately.
Service Attendants
The number or service attendants required for your party will be determined by the catering director. A number of factors will come into play including location, menu, guest count, additional services, stations and even weather. An estimated server count is provided at the time a proposal is submitted but may be revised at any point changes are made.
Leftover Food
The food that you order belongs to you. At the end of the night we will package any food within our health code guidelines. If leftovers are not desired please inform us prior to event so that we can make arrangements with the local shelters to pick up the food. We cannot deliver to shelters after certain hours so these arrangements must be made in advance. If the event space does not offer refrigerator, a cooler must be provided for leftovers. We will gladly assist you in carrying cooler to your vehicle.
Rental items
Because all events are unique, and no one pattern is appropriate for all events, we work with local rental companies to coordinate all plates, forks, napkins, linens, glasses and other smallwares. These rental companies also provide tents, dance floors, chairs, and much much more. Local party rental facilities are listed here with links for your convenience.
Party Suppliers
L&L Rentals
A Tent Event
If you are working with a party planner or designer, most rental items will be handled through them.  However, we do offer minimal in house planning and coordinating services for most events under 200 guests. A 25% service fee is added to the rental items that we handle. This service fee includes a two hour consultation at the rental facility and/or at event site as well as set up and tear down of rental items at the end of the event. Other charges may apply. Quotes provided based on services needed.