Epecurean Evening Copper Kettle Award
I love my job, if you can call it that, especially when duty calls me to pick up a fork for a good cause. Last night, I was among judges reviewing competing chefs at the Epicurean Evening to benefit the Methodist Home for Children.
Cooks served tasty nuggets in tempting displays aimed at winning various honors including the coveted Copper Kettle Award given to the event’s best in show winner.
This year, the Copper Kettle went to Pine Valley Market for its massive paella loaded with mussels, clams, chicken and fat shrimp. The dish was prepared by Pine Valley kitchen manager and executive chef Silverio ”Smokey” Masters, who was raised in Jacksonville and schooled at Johnson and Wales former Charleston, S.C., campus.
If you missed the paella, no worries. Pine Valley Market offers it in catering packages.
 - Liz Biro Port City Foodies Blog

“I believe it is the passion that ultimately brings the success,” Christi Ferretti, chef and one-half owner and operator of Pine Valley Market on College Road, told encore last week. Her passion emits through the ether when folks get within a few steps of the Market. Here, she and her dedicated staff, along with her partner, Kathy Webb, churn out some of Wilmington’s best homemade food.
“You have to be passionate about what you do,” she iterated. “That doesn’t mean that every day we all jump up and down to make a sandwich or chicken salad. But we love it when a bride raves about how the food ‘made’ her wedding; a doctor’s office requests our food week after week; or new customer comes back after their first visit, telling us how good something was.”
The compliments are easily accessible here, too. Really, it only takes one bite of their Chocolate Obsession to hook someone for life—but their cheeses, hand-cut meats and varied lunch menu titillate the taste buds, too. “We like the challenge of making new things and playing with flavors,” Ferretti admitted.
And their take-home meals can’t be matched locally. “Our foods are just as you would cook at home (if you had the time), and we simply freeze or portion out for convenience. Our prepared meals are a much healthier choice than any processed frozen dinner or fast food,” she promised.
Aside from serving great products with an attentive staff, treating customers with the utmost respect has become the rule of thumb at Pine Valley Market. Actually, “customer” may be the wrong word choice here, as Christi and crew embraces their clientele like extended family.
“I think the best compliment we get is when customers bring in their friends and family who are visiting and introduce us,” she said. “How often do you visit someone, and they take you from the airport to the local market to meet the staff? It shows that we have succeeded in making them feel important enough [to be a] part of our family, and we are part of theirs.”
Whether catering a 200-deep private sit-down dinner or a more intimate gathering, the care to detail and quality of customer service continues to strengthen. The same can be said for their retail side of business.
“The change I am most excited about right now is the evolution of our retail department,” Christi said. “I have been scouring the state and region for small producers of gourmet products. We have new merchandise coming in weekly that is all locally and regionally produced, which means when a customer supports us as a local business, the impact that their dollar will make on the local economy is even greater. Right now, it’s all about supporting anything local—no matter what it is.”
- SC, Encore Magazine, Best of 2010
Best Gourmet Store, Catering Service and Butcher
Wow! Taking this many wins is almost illegal by encore standards (one business is only allowed to win three). We have a strong suspicion that if one business could win every category, then Pine Valley Market would surely be sweeping out a few of them (from appetizers to barbecue, to wine and beer store and, hell, probably even antiques). Sometimes it?s just hard being the best, what can they say? Regardless, they secured their win in three categories because they know how to 1) cater to a customer?s needs, 2) make sure their products are of the highest quality and 3) keep their name synonymous with excellence at all times. From the best cut of USDA beef in the area, to all side dishes that compliment it, to helping you throw the best function in Wilmington, Pine Valley Market is quite close to sheer brilliance, just as its category wins suggest. 
— SC, Encore Magazine Best of 2006
Thank you Wilmington for voting us Best Gourmet Store, Butcher and Catering!
Best Best Gourmet Store and Butcher Shop
Everyone knows about Pine Valley Market. Why? Because Kathy Webb and Christi Ferretti are the brains behind it, and they do quite an outstanding job at making sure their name is out in the community at all times. From catering corporate, local and private functions, to offering the most outstanding on-the-go meals, as well as providing a full gourmet shop with wine and food offerings galore, these two have something that makes a business succeed: consistency. Kathy and Christi "blend [their] knowledge on sales, food and wine." What you'll hear about the market is how delightfully pleasant they always are to every customer who walks through their doors. "Service is the key to success in a small town," shares Kathy. "We do our best to know our customers by name." They go the extra mile to really make their gourmet and butcher shop a true neighborhood environment, so when you walk in, you feel like you're visiting your family. Celebrating their second year anniversary, Wilmington is in luck to have PVM in reach of their cravings and gourmet needs. 
— SC, Encore Magazine Best of 2005