Koch Family Turkey Farm

Turkey Farm is a true family farm that values the traditional standards of our Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage. Roscoe and Emma Koch first started raising turkeys on the family farm in 1939. The Koch's Turkey Farm was founded by their son Lowell and his wife Elizabeth in 1953.  Their original farm boasted 2 small open houses and 60 acres of open space.

Since that time Koch Farms have gradually evolved into a fully integrated farm with 45 turkey houses, a hatchery, and an all natural feed mill. Their feed contains no synthetic herbicides or pesticides and no animal by-products.   Learn more about Koch's Family Turkey Farm 

Today the farm is carefully managed by the third generation of the Koch's family.

Fresh, never frozen Koch Family Farm Turkeys must be ordered in advance and are sold raw unless otherwise specified.  Since they are never frozen, turkeys will not be available for pick up until Tuesday November 20th.

Do you want your turkey cooked?  Pine Valley Market will happily cook your turkey for you. It will be fully seasoned, oven roasted and basted in white wine and butter. After cooking, we will separate your turkey into quarters and wrap in individual foil packs with all juices for easy reheating and carving. Reheating instructions will be provided. Additional per pound charges apply

Deadline for Side Dish orders are Saturday November 17th at noon - Turkeys can be ordered in advance while supplies last

Pick up days are Tuesday Nov 20/Wednesday Nov 21 (by noon)


Fresh, Tender, & Juicy

Our turkeys are delicious because they grow slowly, the way nature intended, without growth promoting hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics. Our turkeys are fed an All Natural Vegetarian Diet from our feed mill, then provided plenty of sunshine and open pastures to roam. Our practices guarantee a delicious, all natural turkey that is unsurpassed in quality. One taste and we are sure you will agree.


Natural Feed, All Natural Turkeys

We feed our flocks a vegetarian diet fortified with vitamins and minerals which is a natural defense against bacterial organisms. Our feed mill is located right on our farm and utilizes locally grown corn and roasted soybeans for our specially formulated feed. Our turkeys never receive antibiotics or growth promotants at any time. Animal by-products, fats, bakery or pet food products are never used in our poultry feed.


Humane Practices for Our Turkeys

Our turkeys are antibiotic free and have free range access to outdoor areas that provide natural sunlight and fresh air. Our turkeys meet the very strict Certified Humane® guidelines and Farm Animal Welfare Standards for turkeys.
In addition to meeting these guidelines, Koch's scored a 100% on the Turkey Welfare and Humane practices independent audit by Steritech. For more information, please go to Certified Humane®.


We Meet Animal Welfare Standards

The Global Animal Partnership (GAP), a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2008, brings together farmers, scientists, ranchers, retailers, and animal advocates - a diverse group with the common goal of improving the welfare of animals in agriculture. The 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating Standards recognizes and rewards producers for their welfare practices, promotes and facilitates continuous improvement, and better informs consumers about the production systems they choose to support.

With the successful completion of a pilot program with Whole Foods Market, the leading natural and organic food retailer, GAP is engaging with new retail partners, both restaurants and grocers. This program provides retailers and food outlets an animal welfare labeling program that demonstrates their commitment to animal welfare and helps inform consumers about how the products they choose to buy were produced.

As of May 1, 2014, the 5-Step™ Program includes 2,406 farms and ranches that range from Step 1 to Step 5+ and raise more than 147 million animals annually.


USDA Certified Organic Products


We offer a number of products that are USDA certified organic. From our whole turkeys to our drums, wings, and bacon, you can be sure our turkeys are grown and processed according to federal guidelines. The USDA certified organic regulations require that our animals are raised in living conditions accommodating their natural behaviors (like the ability to graze on pasture), fed 100% organic feed and forage, and not administered antibiotics or hormones. 

For more information regarding USDA certified organic products, go to USDA.


Non-GMO Project Certified

We are proud to say that some of our Organic products are verified by the Non-GMO Project. What does this mean for you as a consumer? Products bearing this label have passed the rigorous verification process set forth by this organization. Below is a list of consensus-based best practices that are required for verification. 

• We require ongoing testing of all at-risk ingredients - any ingredient being grown commercially in GMO form must be tested prior to use in a verified product. 

• We use an Action Threshold of 0.9%. This is in alignment with laws in the European Union (where any product containing more than 0.9% GMO must be labeled). Absence of all GMOs is the target for all Non-GMO Project Standard compliant products. Continuous improvement practices toward achieving this goal must be part of the Participant's quality management systems. 

• After the test, we require rigorous traceability and segregation practices to be followed in order to ensure ingredient integrity through to the finished product. 

• For low-risk ingredients, we conduct a thorough review of ingredient specification sheets to determine absence of GMO risk. 

• Verification is maintained through an annual audit, along with onsite inspections for high-risk products. 

For more information regarding the Non-GMO Project, go to Non-GMO Project. 



Turkey While Supplies Last    
12-14lbs (sold out) 16-18lbs (sold out) 18-20lbs (sold out)  
20-22lbs (sold out) 22-24lbs (sold out)    
  I want my turkey raw ($3.99 per pound)    
  I want my turkey cooked (additional $2.50 per pound) lbs  
Turkey Breast  - Fresh, Never Frozen Koch Farms Turkey Breast.
Turkey breasts average 8-10 pounds.    $6.99 per pound (sold out)
Sides Small Feeds 2-4 Medium Feeds 6-8 Large Feeds 10-12
Traditional Dressing
Fresh ciabatta bread mixed with onions, celery, fresh herbs and our homemade turkey stock
Sweet Potato Soufflé 
Fresh, local sweet potatoes with brown sugar butter, eggs and topped with pecan crumble.
Corn Soufflé 
A rich and sweet casserole made with fresh and creamed corn. This dish has become a signature over the years. It's even great cold!!
Green Bean Casserole 
Like mom used to make….only better because we use fresh green beans and our own cream sauce and topped with crispy fried onions.
Collard Greens   
Locally grown greens, simmered for hours and seasoned to perfection. You'll never cook collards again!
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Cavatappi pasta, creamy three cheese blend topped wit ritz cracker crumbs
Roasted Root Vegetables    
Fresh root vegetables, locally grown and simply seasoned then roasted until golden.
Mashed Potatoes   
A rustic mix of real potatoes, whipped with white pepper, kosher salt, butter and cream….a perfect landing pad for gravy!!
Cider Glazed Brussels Sprouts    
Oven roasted Brussel sprouts cooked with an apple cider reduction.
Roasted Red Potatoes   
with fresh thyme, rosemary olive oil, salt, pepper
Apple Cranberry Crisp
Fresh North Carolina Granny Smith apples tossed with fresh cranberries, lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar and finished with an oatmeal crumb topping.
Homestyle Gravy  
The real deal - made from rich turkey stock and seasoned with fresh herbs. No lumps here!!
Gluten Free Gravy    
Cranberry Sauce   
Made on site with Fresh Oceanspray Cranberries, orange zest and clove
Cheddar Garlic Biscuits
Made From Scratch Pies
9” deep dish pies made with the finest ingredients
Classic Pumpkin     
Bourbon Pecan     
Caramel Apple Crunch     
Coconut Crème     
Derby Town     
pecan pie meets chocolate chip
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