COVID-19 Update:

2021 Christmas Offering


Thank you for considering Pine Valley Market for your holiday dinner needs.  We realize that supporting local small businesses is a conscious choice and we appreciate you!

For years we have prided ourselves in offering our meat selections, especially at the holidays.  We have consistently been able to secure the CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF Brand USDA Prime Tenderloins and Rib Roasts for your holiday meals and celebrations.

We all thought that 2020 was challenging but 2021 has far succeeded its predecessor by a long shot.  Labor shortages across the board, lead to product shortages and supply chain issues that are all coming to a head at the worst possible time.

Unfortunately, while we committed and ordered the product months ago, there are shortages and double-digit price increases that are astounding.

We are committed to continuing to attempt to source product over the course of the month of December while also considering proper aging, brand benchmarks and best packing company standards.

We will only be able to take reservations for what we have on hand and will have to adjust pricing as new product is received. 

This means that we will only be able to take reservations over the phone and there may be times that we are out of stock until our next truck arrives.

 If you are looking for items like Duck Breast, Rack of Lamb, Whole Duck, Ossobuco, Lamb Chops, Veal Cutlets – these are all items that we have in stock currently.  We suggest that you pick them up when you see them.  They are frozen and will hold well until the end of the year.  We will do our best to continue to restock these items but are at the mercy of the distributors and our worst nightmare is to overcommit and under deliver.

Below you will find our ordering form for all our scratch made prepared foods available for the holiday.   Orders must be placed no later than Friday, December 17th.

Picks up will begin on Thursday December 23rd